BABE Crewneck

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The Bridal Collection was designed to be your go-to sweats set for all your bachelorette and wedding party needs! This collection was created to be the perfect neutral, fit comfortably, last a long time, and match your bride squad.

The BABE Crewneck have the classic Milkstain fit: the perfect bagginess that compliments any body type. Stay true to size, we designed these to be oversized.

If you're looking for fast fashion, this is not the collection for you. We didn't skimp on the materials so this crewneck will feel like a warm hug no matter how many times it's washed.

All Bridal Collection is MADE TO ORDER EMBROIDERY- which means the process takes 1-2 weeks to complete. 


  • Milkstain Exclusive Design made for every body type
  • Ethically sourced in the US by a family owned business
  • Available in Oat Milk
  • Super soft 100% cotton materials

Size Chart

Medium 6-8
Large 10-12
XL 14-16
2XL 16-18