About Us

Milkstain Apparel is a Made-to-Order Tie Dye company started by Bella shortly after becoming a new Mom. With a new baby comes a whole new set of responsibilities. One of the biggest responsibilities for new Mom's becomes feeding the baby. After a particularly messy session, Bella joked that her shirt was "milk-stained" and that it almost looked tie dyed. She was reflected on how she used to wear tie dye a lot as a kid, and decided that she'd make her own matching sweatpants set to wear during the COVID-19 quarantine. She ordered up several plain hoodies and sweatpants and got to work. After accidentally staining some of the baby's clothes during a wash, she was struck with the inspiration for a matching Mommy and Baby set.

Matching Mommy Baby Tie Dye Set

It wasn't long until people started asking where she got her matching tie dye set, and she realized that this could be a very popular business with the right help! Bella has enlisted the help of family members to help create and fulfill orders, and her Baby Daddy (that's me) to run the website and handle the "business-y stuff". Those of you who were around for the beginning remember us starting through Instagram DM's before being overwhelmed with love and support. We can't thank you enough for helping us start this brand and we look forward to making you all much more Milkstain drip in the future.

Family Tie Dye Set